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Point and click adventure with undead pirates, mermaids and zombies on the bottom of the sea! “Captain Black Sam has sailed the seven seas. He lived a life of pillaging and plundering. And yet he will face his greatest adventure when he is dead!" Explore ten detailed locations with amazing illustrations. Get to know twelve funny characters, each with lots of unique dialogs. Talk to your crew and others using multilevel dialog system. Find your shoes, hat and coat and actually wear them!


Control: mouse.
Collect items and use them wisely to solve the mystery of the Undead Sea.


Death and decay, everlasting torment and eternal unlife... What could be fun about all these? Only if they are action, puzzle, strategy, dress up, skill, board, shooting, survival, adventure, cooking, sport, driving and other fascinating games! For those mature enough to enjoy our free flash games web collection featuring undead creatures of the night! Zombies and vampires, ghosts and mummies, skeletons and ghouls were brought together by us in one place for you to enjoy. Come to visit and play our game collection of as often as you like to. Remember, this macabre world is waiting for you every day. And don’t forget to share the fun with your friends!

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